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    The little fox quickly processed all this, and came behind Fang Cun to help him comb his hair, while Yeying squatted in front of the small stove, puffed her cheeks and blew hard on the fire below, and sucked the fire In an instant, my eyes were red...

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    Especially the Elders, are considering whether or not to refute a few sentences, saying that our Elders can't chase away the clouds, it's definitely not that we can't do it, but that our second brother is too useless. , but as soon as Doan Truong Sinh said it, it immediately made people a little surprised. As he looked up at the sky, some doubts unconsciously arose in his heart...

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    At this time on the Nine Heavens, the three god kings joined forces, suddenly unable to suppress the demonic energy on Doan Truong Sinh's body, the situation became extremely strange, I am afraid that even Samsara Institute master himself. Take action, it will not be the three gods working together, an implacable enemy, but Doan Truong Sinh is still stubborn. Although he looks resigned, he definitely wants to disappear into the dark clouds. .

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